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English Speaking

For improving skills, we will have to learn what the other person knows. It will be easier if we first take one step back to look at ourselves. Sales, whether it is a salesperson on the road or an HR person selling management on an idea or any other person is a creative pursuit: its purpose is to create value and business. The forces at work in the act of selling involve the same kinds of energies we use in creating and manipulating language, image and scienfic discoveries.

Organizational Requirements / Specialized Modules

Business Sales :- 1) Consumer behaviour 2) Conflict Management 3) Analytical Skills 4) Transitional Skills,
Communication Skills, Motivation power, Stress Management, Leadership Skills, Team Building

Customer Service:- 1) Voice & Accent 2) Conflict Management 3) Analytical Skills 4) Pronunciation.
Communication Skills, Motivation power, Stress Management

Human Resource :- 1) Conflict Management 2) Analytical Skills
Motivation power, Stress Management, Leadership Skills, Team Building

Business Communication :- 1) Email Drafting 2) Telephone Etiquettes
Fluency Practice, Business English, Grammar Practice, Vocabulary, Silent Letters in words.

Business Etiquette :- 1) Fulfillment of Commitments made…
Body Language, Presentation.

Basic English:- 1) Catching the flow of Grammatically Correct Sentence
Grammar Practice

Personality Developement :

The students of this course are trained in the skills for verbal and non-verbal communication. The training lays stress on developing the individual’s sensibility as a person, sensitizing his imagination, creating a keen sense of observation, refining his critical appreciation and on his development as an individual unique in his artistic potential.

• The techniques of Verbal Communication
• The techniques of Non-Verbal Communication
• Good & Pleasing Voice
• Clear & attractive speech
• Skills in the use of language
• Expressive use of movement
• Sense of pace timing & style
• Expressive use of body postures
• Expressive use of facial expressions
• Exercise for relaxation
• Exercise for concentration building
• Yoga for building Self- Confidence
• Group Discussions
• Role Play
• Debates
• Telephonic etiquettes• Importance of Imagination Power
• Keen sense of observation
• Negative inspiration’s power
• Realization of inner voice
• Phobia Removal

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